On my last post, i gave a setting of the awkward and tiny space we usually find inside a house and change it into a small home office space. So on this post i showed you another example to create your own home office in a tiny akward space inside your house .

This is the little space commonly found under a staircase. And the first thing that people does is just simply close it all the way up as a storage cabinet. Well, you can install a little cabinet on one side but then squeeze in a table or a wood panel on the other side and you will got yourself a little home office. See the sketch i made below, it’s simple but very functional.

home off 2

With this arrangement, you can do your work and have plenty of storage for your office supply. Before that, it’s only an empty space under the staircase or a storage cabinet, but once you put in a table and a chair, it’s suddenly changed it’s function to be more useful and alive.

At last, you can style your home office in a way you like and inspiring. But always remember to find a way to relate it to the rest of the rooms in your home. Maybe from the color tone or the pattern.

So, next post I still got some more idea of how to create your own home office in a tiny akward space inside your house. I will get into it once i finished my sketches.

See you soon!

Think creative!



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