This is my third post about creating a home office in a tiny awkward space in a house.  If you haven’t read the 2 first posts, then you need to take a look at it, you may get inspired! In that 2 each posts I have shown a sketch of a common setting of an awkward and tiny space we usually find inside a house and have been changed into a small home office.

First, was by the wall railing to the staircase downstairs, second was a space under the staircase and this last space was in a corner. Yup, a corner!

A corner somewhere in your house maybe have a very good potential to become a cozy little home office and you just don’t realize it. Now you may need to carefully seek for that corner space. Because once you find it, you can easily change the space to be more functional and meaningful than before, by creating a home office. Sometimes you need a little bit interior works to do or sometimes you just pull in a little table and a little chair, decor it a bit and then you got yourself a brand new space, a home office!

For that I gave you 2 illustrations, each one is a corner somewhere in a house that sometimes it’s only used as a space for a decoration purposes, like maybe a space for a big decorated vase, a decorated end table, a feature wall just to make the corner felt less awkward, and so on.

1. A corner in a large room

Usually a big room have one or more corners that you need to fill in with something that tie in with the rest of the room to make it less awkward. For that purpose, more often people just put a big nice chair, a standing lamp or a statement decoration. Or the worse is sometimes you just left it empty! And that what makes a room or a corner felt cold.

So, below I gave sketch of a little but cozy home office in a corner somewhere. Just need a small table and a chain, then you just create your own home office in a tiny awkward space inside your house

home off 3
2. A corner in a transition room.

This corner usually left with decorating purposes only too. While actually has a potential space for an emergency home office. And maybe if you feel cozy enough, you may want to make it as a fixed home office.

Take a narrow but a tall practical table and chair and a standing lamp, set it in a stylish way. You won’t believe the result. Look at my sketch! You will feel like you are sitting in some industrial cafe somewhere in the town.
home off 4

I hope my 3 posts on how to create your own home office in a tiny awkward space inside your house will inspire you all. I do really wish that you can make one based on my guidance from my posts.

So, if you like one or more of my posts, please don’t hasitate to follow my blog, I still have more and more ideas that will inspire and help you to create one for your own.

Make it creative!

See you!



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