Decor with inspiring words at home is one of the cheapest thing . You can do it yourself by using cheap materials and the only tool is only your hand. Of course you need a good hand writing skill, but you can exercise it on papers before you write it for the decoration.

In order to create the writing quotes decoration, you can use blackboard, canvas, wooden board, photo frame, or any other media. Find an inspiring words online or create it to inspire yourself or your family. Write it down first on a piece of paper, before you do the real deal. To decor with diy inspiring words, try to combine:

  1. Different types of font

  2. Different sizes of wording

  3. Find the best composition

  4. And at last, give some accent decoration, but don’t do it too much, just enough to flatter the wordings.

  • Types of font usually accentuate the category of the quotes or the meaning of the words. Like for example, I wrote a quote about work, so I use more formal and strong fonts on the “Great work…” and mixed it with softer and less formal fonts on the “…comes from a passion”.

  • The size of the words will emphasize the word itself. So, bigger size will emphasize the word more. That’s what we called “proportion“.

  • The composition will be the structure of the entire quotes writings. It divides or unites the words. My quote writing below is using 1:3 composition. Great work : comes from a : passion. So the entire writings was divided into 3, because what I want to emphasize are the words “great work” and “passion”.

  • Accent decoration I used was only dots and free-hand lines. It flattered the word’s composition and emphasize the word.


Now, it’s time for you to try it! To decor with diy inspiring words and inspires yourself everyday!

Be creatively inspired!

See you soon!


Posted by:mel

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