Black Monday – it’s time to get serious!

For me, in order to do something, I need enough space and a mood. Since my activity is more to crafting, drawing, writing, so I need a descent table that big enough for my working area. And to bring up the mood, I need a good atmosphere to work. That can be achieved with the easiest way by styling your desk.

I love white color, looking clean and expensive, very sophisticated. Also, it goes with any color. So, I have this working white desk. It’s like a blank canvas. You can style it in any color. Since today it’s Monday, im going to style it with the color black. it looks serious and Monday is the first day of the week. It will determine the rest of the week. So, get serious. Let’s style your desk with daily color mood – black.

Basically I have some things that I love and need very much that I want it to be in my desk all the time. That things are my white laptop, my inspiring words decoration, my lovely white roses, my pencils, etc. So all of that will stay while the rest will be the element of decoration, it can come and go, just like the mood.


To make something pop up, use the 30-60-10 Rule (from HGTV tips), 60% of a dominant color, 30% of a secondary color, 10% of an accent color. 60% of a more neutral color, you need a blank canvas actually. 10% accent for the pop up thing or color that you want. 30% of complimentary color which would not overshadow the accent, yet not too neutral and become the 60%.

See, on my setting, the 60% dominant color is grey looking (the wall), the 30% secondary color is white (table, wall shelve and everything) and the 10% accent is black (here and there, black things).


It does not have to be masculine with black. But black can be powerful feminine. Give some elements that will soften the color black. The white roses, polka dots round bag, surely soften the color black.

So, do you like the style? Now, it’s your time to try style your desk with daily color mood – black. It’s time to get serious, gals!

Creative black Monday!

See you on Tuesday!


Posted by:mel

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