Yellow Wednesday – Energize Your Day!

Smile and be your own sunshine! It is the middle of the week, you need to be recharged by energize your day. Yellow is the bright sunshine color that will elevate your mood. So today, let’s style your desk with daily color mood – yellow!

It always start with the basic rule of 10-30-60 that I have explain in my two previous post of black Monday and blue Tuesday. The 60% dominant color is grey looking (the wall), the 30% secondary color is white (table, wall shelve and everything) and the 10% accent is yellow (some yellow decorations and stationery).


If you have a neutral color or pattern for the 60% dominant color, it would be easy to incorporate it with another color or pattern. Neutral color can be white, ivory, grey, black, soft cream, very light yellow, etc. For pattern, a light color pattern with not much variation, like my wallpaper, also pattern without color that is more to texture, and so on.

I used more like monochrome color for both my dominant and secondary color, so it is easy for me to give an accent to another color that I want to be pop up. Look for yellow things in your home that can be used as an accent. It can be yellow photo frame, yellow wall organizer, yellow journal, any other yellow things you have. Then style it into your desk.Picture7

Style your desk with daily color mood – yellow! And get energized! I’m sure you will get more energy to start or finish your work with this yellow stylish desk.

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Energize your creativity!

See you tomorrow!


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