Green Thursday – Have an earthy day!

It is Thursday, many days you have faced through a week, it is time to be humble after all you have achieved from Monday to Wednesday. The best way to express your humble or down to earth mood is to be earthy. And one of the closest color to describe the earthy feeling is green. So, let’s style your desk with daily color mood – green.

According to 60-30-10 rule that I mentioned on my earlier post (yellow Wednesday); the 60% dominant color is grey looking (the wall), the 30% secondary color is white (table, wall shelve, etc) and the 10% accent is green (nice green decorations and stationery).


I keep explaining the 60-30-10 rule because it is very important to have a balanced color and pattern mixed. Unless you wanted a monochrome color only, but isn’t boring? Plain boring indeed. Of course we have to mixed color and pattern in order to achieve higher level of design. And the 60-30-10 rule will keep you in a right order, not too much but just right.



So, whatever color you choose, always be creative in choosing the right elements, especially the one that will accentuate the entire design. For example, among the green elements where green is the accent color; one very stand out green element is the green plant I have on my book shelve above the table. The way its green leaves dangling from the white shelve gracefully, really stole the show. And the earthy feelings suddenly surrounds you.

Well, enough for dramatization, just get yourself to style your desk with daily color mood – green; and experience the green Thursday of earthy feeling.


See you on Friday

Back to your creative root!


Posted by:mel

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