Red Friday – Step Out and Be Brave

It is Friday and it is time to step out and be brave to receive all positive and negative salute to you, after all your hard work for a week. Red, is the color of bravery and this color will stand out most among other colors. So, it’s time to choose Red as the color mood to style your desk today!

How are you going to use daily color mood Red to style your desk when red is such a risky color in the world of decorating? Try this tips:

  • Do not use too many elements with the red color. If the quantity is too many, then it will overshadow each other and become dominant color, not an accent anymore.
  • Try to avoid big dimension element with red color, meaning if it is a big red, then it should be placed in a big space too, but do not put big dimension red in a small space. It would look like a bloody space…ouch!
  • Better use red as an accent instead of the main color, it is easier and safe to style.
  • Always remember the 60-30-10 rule in styling your desk. (Read my previous posts : Style Your Desk With Daily Color Mood- Black, Blue, Yellow)


I use small dimension elements of red to accentuate my working space. And that is enough to make the color mood Red stand out. Red gives a strong statement that would make it easier to be used as an accent for styling your desk.



Now, are you brave enough to use the red color to style your desk? Try it, it’s Friday, do you feel the mood? We are going to have fun, hello…weekend!

Step out and be creative!

See you on weekend!


Posted by:mel

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