Style Your Desk With Daily Color Mood – Purple

Decor your working space, mainly your desk is very essential to boost your working mood.Well, at least I do. Styling your desk everyday will give you different atmosphere each day. That will make you feel brand new and your desk even look brand new everyday. you don’t have to change everything in your desk, just couple of decorations or even your stationary to give a different touch to your desk. The smartest way is to change only the accent and leave the rest as it is. For that, I can give you the easiest accent for decorating your desk, which is… color! yes, just change your accent color to style your desk according to your daily mood.

I have post continuously on different color accent to style your desk according to daily mood. From posts : Style Your Desk With Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red; until today, Purple Saturday. Saturday night is time for dating, mingle, sociable… so, let’s do it gracefully like a purple color. someone you take home may want to see your desk, then show him your grace and soft but sporty side. I always consider purple as in-between color, between blue and pink (actually it’s red but see it as 2 genders, blue for masculinity and pink for feminine). That’s why I like purple!


As always, start with the 60-30-10 rule, 60% of primary color, 30% of secondary color and 10% for accent color. No need to buy new decorations, unless you really have to, just use whatever you have in the color you want. I’m sure you will have things in your favorite color. Use whatever you got and just be creative.


Now that you have style your desk in purple or any of your favorite color, it is time for you to face this excited long Saturday.

Have a graceful creative Saturday!

See you on Sunday


Posted by:mel

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