Style Your Desk With White

White – Be purely sophisticated

I know I have posted so many colors as an accent to style your desk in daily color mood, from black, blue, yellow, green, red, purple to pink. But I couldn’t help myself to style my desk with another color, which is white.

As on all my previous post on style your desk, I keep reminding you to use 60-30-10 rule. And for this white color styling, I use 60% dominant color of grey (the wall), the 30% secondary color of white (table, wall shelve, all decorations, etc) and the 10% accent of black (the blackboard). Since the grey wall is not solid but combination of white and black washed, so basically 90% of dominant and secondary color became white and the accent color became black (mainly the blackboard).


I still did not change any main items like all other color styling, but the look now have changed because of the color proportion. I ode this to white as the most natural and easiest color to work with. And the best thing from white is that it looks sophisticated, pure up scale and shows that the owner must be a clean person! Salute to white!

So, I have shown you 8 different colors accent that even though only takes a view small items to make it stand out, the accent color really give each color-style a different personality, don’t you think? Now, it is your turn to style your desk according to your color mood.



Well, if you are going to style your desk with your color picked, which one is your favorite color or which one do you think is the best color style? Please share your thoughts on below comments.

Got to go… see you!

Live to be creative!



Posted by:mel

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