DIY Eggshell Easter Card – Cheap and Easy

Try to make a special easter card for your loved ones? Well, you might get inspired by my diy eggshell easter card. When you think of easter, you straight away will think of egg! Then I think to myself, hey why don’t I make a card from a real egg, but of course I couldn’t stick a whole egg to a card. So, I reconstructed the egg to a card by using the eggshell to shape an egg. Cheap and easy!

I dedicated this diy easter card to my kid and I wanted to be blue. Since I preferred the egg to be 100% natural egg and no coloring, so I use duck egg which is naturally blue (Tosca, actually). And I mixed it with chicken egg, to looked better, which was happened to be ivory. Luckily, I got all the eggs from my fridge, so after I consumed it, I kept the eggshell, then washed it and dried it carefully. All materials I used were from my crafting collection, i don’t buy it in purpose. It’s a cheap and easy diy project. So, feel free to use anything you got to re-make my diy eggshell easter card.


Here are all the things I used for this diy eggshell easter card project:

  1. cutter
  2. UHU adhesive
  3. scissors
  4. pencil
  5. drawing pen
  6. paper glue stick
  7. blue and polka dot ribbon
  8. chicken eggshell
  9. duck eggshell
  10. doily paper
  11. blue paper
  12. thin paper board


How to do my cheap and easy diy eggshell easter card?

  1. Cut the blue paper with proportion to the doily paper.
  2. Cut thin paper board to give thickness to the blue paper. Stick them together.
  3. Stick the doily paper to the thickened blue paper. Your basic card is now ready.
  4. Cut a paper board with the shape of an egg (you can draw it first with pencil). Watch the proportion, because you need to leave a space for the wording on top.
  5. Set a pattern mixed of chicken eggshell with duck eggshell that you desired.
  6. Take the washed and dried eggshell and break it into big pieces. Spread some glue on the area of the paper board that you wanna glue. Then put an eggshell piece on top of the glued area and press it gently. Do it all over the egg-shaped paper board and fill up the empty area that left until it looks even. It doesn’t have to look perfectly even, that what makes it look beautiful.
  7. Stick the finished eggshell paper board to the basic card.
  8. Write the wording on top of the eggshell by using drawing pen but leave some space for the ribbons.
  9. Tie some ribbons nicely and stick it to the eggshell by using UHU. There you go, you got yourself a cheap and easy diy eggshell easter card.

For the dimensions, it’s all up to you to make, just make sure you got a good proportion.



It’s still more than a week to easter day, so you still have plenty of time (two weekends) to try yourself making the diy eggshell easter card like mine. It’s easy and cheap anyway. Happy trying!


Be creative Egg!

See you with more Easter diy!



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