DIY Re-Purposing Tissue Cores Into 6 Matches Stylish Party Decorations (2) – Paper Napkin And Straw Holder

As I have promised on my earlier post, I will show more DIY re-purposing tissue cores into another 2 matches stylish party decorations. So, I have prepared 2 useful yet easy decorations, which are:

  1. Paper Napkin Holder

Before you start with the real meal, you may want to entertain your guest with snacks, for that you will need paper napkin for convenience. Then you need paper napkin holder. Well, why don’t you make the matching paper napkin holder too! This one is so easy, you just press one side of the tissue core,  cut both edges in bevel and decorate it.


     2. Straw Holder

Snack time will surely need some refreshing drinks, but to be stylish, you need stylish straw too. And… you gonna need straw holder. Let’s just go match it all with the theme and make use of the tissue core as the straw holder. This one is the easy one, after I’ve decorated it, I covered the bottom with doily paper so the straws will secured even though it’s being moved.


Like I have mentioned on my earlier post on DIY Re-Purposing Tissue Cores Into 6 Matches Stylish Party Decorations (1) – Souvenir Box and Flower Vase; all I need for this project are only:

  1. tissue cores (any sizes will do)

I used 2 types of tissue cores, the one from toilet roll tissue and kitchen towel.

  1. paper wrapped (choose the one that will be your color theme and or pattern theme)

I used greenish-yellow and green stripe which I think it’s very simple but speaks a lot.

  1. ribbons (choose color that matches the paper wrap but not exactly the same color)

I used light yellow to matched.

  1. ribbon flower ornaments ( you can get more color on this but still have to compliment your theme color.

I used pink rose (as an accent) with green leaves (to match the color theme) ribbon ornament.

  1. laces

I used small white laces to have it looked more chic.

  1. paper doily

Great media for writings and decoration.

And of course you need scissors, glue and drawing pen to execute it.


I used green and yellow with pink accent for spring colours. Do not use too many different ornament and decorations, keep only 5 or 6 items to make sure all the party decorations matched to each other.

Okay, I better go and complete my 2 more matches party decorations from tissue cores and show it to you on my next post.

See you very soon!

Creativity still to be continued…!



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