Tiny Home for Holiday or Guest House With a Courtyard (Part 1)

I love to design houses. Just sketches of the exterior, sometimes only the interiors or even just the floor plan. Mostly are tiny homes. Why? Well, it’s challenging. How you accommodates all of your needs, daily activities, amount of people in a small size of a land or a house.

Now, I got this idea of stretching a house until it tear apart in the middle, but not totally disconnected. And the result of this stretching area is a garden, an “open space”. The idea of the tiny house with the courtyard came out when I was thinking about how to make a tiny home that surrounded by neighbors (back, left and right) that is only divided by house’s wall, not by yard; to have a private garden. After I got the solution with a courtyard, the idea shifted into a guest house or a tiny holiday house.


My head just full of the images and most of the time I did not pour it all into drawings, so most of the images are only in my head. And my bad habit was to start another idea before I make the previous idea into tangible. But now, I’ve promised myself (so I can easily break it 🙂 ) that every time I got an idea, I would give it a rough sketch and then followed by floor plans, exterior and interior drawings, sections if i need to. In that way, others will able to see the images in my head, at least 60%-70%.


I pictured the holiday house was built on a contour site and I added a balcony for outdoor fun. I design this tiny home a triangle shape because of the outside view that you will get from inside the house is going to be fantastic. it also gives the feeling that the house is growing from the earth, stay close to the site. The exterior is wooden look with full glasses for maximum light and view. It’s a very tiny house, only 5m x 8 m, 40 m2 with the ceiling height of 4 m. You can easily build this tiny house in your backyard and use it for a guest house, a tiny holiday house, or even for a rent.


By sticking to my “vow”, I drew this tiny home’s floor plan of one bed room, an outdoor bath, a private garden, a small kitchen, a sitting area that also served as a dining banquette, and a breakfast bar.

This is an informal house, where you can laid back and relax, everything must feel like you’re renting a holiday cottage. Playful, very casual and unusual. It is a getaway house when you feel bored and tired of every day routine. For those who have a huge property of land, it would be a great chance to build this kind of tiny house. Pick a site with a perfect view, then you’ll got yourself a little heaven.


These are all pencil sketches. I planned to color the sketches later. And I still working on the interior sketches for this tiny home with a courtyard. I will show it later on my next post when I finished the drawings. Please be patience, it’s easier to think about it then to draw it.

Note: I submitted these sketches on Paint Party Friday. It’s a great site for those who loves to draw and paint.

See you very soon

Don’t forget to be creative!




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25 replies on “Tiny Home for Holiday or Guest House With a Courtyard (Part 1)

  1. I love these plans Mel. We have a teeny tiny little cottage down at the coast and just like you I can spend hours drawing and planning what we want to do with it. Pinning to my Small Space Living Board

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  2. Hi Mel! I’m loving your blog! I like designing spaces in my head but I never draw them, hahaha!. However, I do draw and paint on a regular basis, maybe I should give a try to design a house, just for the fun of it. Oh, Paint Party Friday sounds interesting, I will check it out 😉

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    1. Thank you Alicia! So glad you like my ideas. Yeah, you should draw what’s on your mind, so you can share and inspires others with your ideas. Yup, join PPF will motivate you to keep drawing or painting. Good Luck!


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