Tiny Home for Holiday or Guest House With a Courtyard (Part 2)

Hello guys! Last post I have showed my design of the tiny home for holiday or guest house with a courtyard which served with a plan and an exterior sketch. So now, I have prepared interior sketches of the main area. It describes the kitchen, breakfast bar, dinning banquette and sitting area.


It is fun to let your mind free to explore what you have expected for a tiny home, especially the one for holiday house. And even it’s being used for guest house, you will also need a sense of fun and pleasure that will left your guest with an unforgettable impression. One of my favorite fun part is the exposed bathtub! What a fun and edgy way to have your bath time exposed to the outside and get a chance to enjoy the view.


I try to picture a cozy little place where there are enough space for people to gather and hangout. A holiday feeling of relaxation but still homey.

How to achieve homely feeling?

1. Scaling

Have a good proportion is a must. A good proportion comes from a correct scaling. Furniture size to the room’s size, the activity or function to the size of the space, quantity of people to the space’s size, each must compliment each other, one not over dominant the other.

2. Personal touch

Give your personal touch. It can be your personal decorations, your favorite color, your own sense of style, anything that reflects you, and your family if it’s a family home. When your surrounding is something you are familiar and fond of, it will surely make you feel like at home.

3. Give every space a meaning

Every space must have a function, even it is just as a circulation. If one room have no function, it will become an awkward space which will make it cold. imagine if you walk in to a huge empty room, you instantly will have a cold feeling. You need to have a warm ambience to give a sense of homey feeling. If the room has it own good function, it will be a meaningful space.

4. Greenery

Greenery makes you feel more alive, natural, and relax. But do not use too much greenery though, it’s a compliment, not the main subject. So use it wisely.

To achieve homey feeling in a tiny home is a lot easier in the terms of scaling and functional spaces. everything is already fit to its place and the used of maximum space is the key in the tiny house, all you need to add is the personal touch and greenery.

For this post, I get to finished the plan and the exterior of the tiny home in color. I used watercolor pencil.


The tiny home interior I designed was using white as the base color scheme for all area, then blue palette domineering the main area with the touch of grey and the purple gold on the bedroom area.


On the next post, I will complete the bedroom interior and the main area interior in color. Hope it will show the ambience that I want to achieve on a tiny holiday house or a tiny guest house.

Note: I submitted this drawings on Party Paint Friday to show my progress.

So, see you!

Have a creative moment!



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6 replies on “Tiny Home for Holiday or Guest House With a Courtyard (Part 2)

  1. I still think this is the coolest little house ever Mel. It’s so well thought out and everything you need is right there. And all those windows are perfect for making the space seem larger than it is.

    Liked by 1 person

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