Tiny Home for Holiday or Guest House With a Courtyard (Part 3)

Hello again with my tiny home design for holiday or could be guest house which completed with semi-private garden of courtyard in the middle and covered with glass panel.

You can check out my 2 previous posts, part 1 and part 2Β for the drawings process or you can take a look at the colored floor plan and exterior view of the tiny home with the courtyard that I presenting again to remind you all.


I have done some interior sketches for the second area of bedroom and the courtyard. I really wanted the courtyard to be exposed to the outside and bring outside into the inside. It’s a great feeling while you’re sitting around and chit-chat with your love ones or having a peaceful bath time. and at the night, you can watch the stars sparkling in the sky, romantic isn’t?


Even when you were sitting in the breakfast bar, in the dinning banquette, in the bedroom or in the kitchen, you still can enjoy the sky view because the room was only 3 meters long and the glass windows goes all the way up to the ceiling and makes it possible to get the sky view clearly.


I have also done a coloring on the kitchen and dinning area. This might describe the color palette I wish to have in the main area interior. I gave white, blue and grey palette for kitchen and dining area where you can see from the colored floor plan. But from the interior perspective, I was able to show more than just color palette, but also texture and pattern.


I try to mix the texture, color and pattern together but still keep simple and inline to one another. I used lines for pattern (zig zag, straight and crossing lines) to match the wooden floor and ceiling. and for the texture, I gave a little rustic look on the breakfast bar and the sitting nook; gives the natural feeling. So I can go back to the first concept of private garden which become semi private because of the glass roof.



I still include my progress on my tiny home design sketches on Party Paint Friday. It is a motivating way to finish every drawings you started in your head.

Well, for final post on this tiny home with a courtyard design, I will complete it with the courtyard sketches in pencil and colored pencil and also the colored bedroom interior. Hope I can finish it soon. So I can start with another new fun project.


Creative and always creative!

See you!


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24 replies on “Tiny Home for Holiday or Guest House With a Courtyard (Part 3)

  1. This is so pretty! I love the idea of a tiny home, but I am a girly girl & collect & love my clothes so this would never work for me. I do so admire the lifestyle though. You’ve created such a cozy environment. It very lovely.


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  2. I’m really enjoying these sketches Mel. Your little home is perfect on so many different levels, but I think I’ve said that before πŸ˜‰ Really well planned and just perfect

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