Tiny Home for Holiday or Guest House With a Courtyard Design

Finally I finished my drawings to complete my design of a tiny home that can be functioned as a holiday house or a guest house, depend on what site do you want to build in. this tiny home that I designed more as a second house is trying to bring outside in and inside out. This tiny home can also placed at a very small site as the building itself only 4m x 8m (around 13 ft x 26 ft) with 4m ceiling height which divided into:


  1. Main Area

The main area as the entrance of the tiny home with 4 m x 4 m wide, covered for:

  • Kitchen
  • Breakfast Bar
  • Dining Banquette
  • Sitting Nook

Lots of sitting area and open plan are great for entertaining and gathering. And the banquette can serves as storage as well. It would be great to zip your coffee or tea in the morning by sitting on the breakfast bar looking at the window to the courtyard, what a relaxing morning!

The color palette I used is white as the prime color and as for secondary color is blue with lavender accent.Β The flooring is light honey yellow solid oak.


2. Courtyard

This is not just a glass covered garden for sitting but also an outdoor bathtub. The size is 4 m x 2 m.


3. Second Area

A room of 4 m x 3 m which enough for a queen even king size bed. Also has space for closet and a semi exposed powder room. I used white as the primary color of the interior with lavender as secondary color and gold touch as an accent. The flooring is same as the main area which is light honey yellow solid oak.



The main structure can be built with steel then covered with timber plank or just using solid timber and exposed. That is up to the budget. This could be a high budget project mostly due to its uses of lots of glass panel. So, this is quite an idealistic design.

If you wanted to see how my drawings and design process, you can check out my first, second and third post of the Tiny Home for Holiday or Guest House With a Courtyard. I also play in Party Paint Friday.

Well, see you soon with more ideas!

Explore your creative mind!


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8 replies on “Tiny Home for Holiday or Guest House With a Courtyard Design

  1. So cool desing πŸ˜€ it was really nice to see the whole process and explanations for each area. I wouldn’t mind living in a place like this, not just for the holidays, hahaha!. Everything feels so relaxing, even the tiny details like the curved path on the outdoor bathtub invites you to relax. Great job!

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    1. Thanks Alicia! I know! It’s a great spaces for relaxing and hanging out, So if you live there everyday, you will enjoy yourself everyday. πŸ™‚


  2. Those beautiful windows is what makes this so special and worth the extra cost too in my opinion. Love, love, love that bathroom so much

    Liked by 1 person

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