Home Office Plus Kid’s Room Design On The Garden – Floor Plan

Dear stayed home mommies or stayed home daddies,

I have some questions for you:

  • Have you ever wanted a place to work or an office at home?
  • Have you ever wanted to look out for your kids while they’re playing but you still be able to work?
  • Have you ever wanted a place to work at home but not inside your house?
  • Have your ever wanted a unique home office where you can bring your friends inside and have a little gathering?
  • Have you ever wanted a little sanctuary in your garden?
  • Have you ever wanted a tiny little house at your backyard garden?
  • Have you ever wanted your kids to have a play room or a play room outside the house?

Well, those wanted ideas are in my head all the time. So, I started to think of wanting to have a little place on the backyard by the garden, where I can use it for an office, a sanctuary, a place I can stay away from my house but still at home, where I can have a little gathering with closed friends and family, a place for doing my hobbies and work but I can still watch my kid, and of course a cool place for my kid to have as a play room.


So, I’m designing this little place of home office plus kid’s room on a garden. I just finished the floor plan. This tiny little house has a mezzanine for the kid’s room while the office is under the mezzanine. There is also a little sitting area with a sofa for sitting or a day bed and a chest for storage and seats. It’s a mini house of 2.8 m x 2.8 m, with the height of 2.5 m and minus 0.7 m from the ground level, that would make the total height  of 3.2 m. So, I’m sure anyone can build it on their backyard without any permission what so ever. The office area height to the mezzanine is 1.8 m and the mezzanine area is only 2.8 m x 1.4 m. So, the sitting area will be the cleared space with high ceiling.


What I had in mind for the interior is a white wooden flooring, white wall, basically dominant white. Then mixed it with turquoise, complimented with yellow and grey. A nautical colors you can say and it goes along with summer colors palette. It seems more like holiday spirit to have slightly nautical theme, it relates with a beach.

For the exterior, I think of some uses of awning, tin roof, aluminium or timber. I still considering the best cheap durable choices for this garden house of home office plus kid’s room design.

I have only done the sketches for the interior and exterior, so for my next post I will complete the interior and exterior view with colors. Need to find some quite time to finished the drawings 🙂

Well then, I got to go continue my home office and kid’s room design on garden drawings, it’s all still clouded in my head, got to pour it all on the paper.

See You!

Have a creative Sunday!



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