Shabby Farmhouse Style Of Organized At Home – Work Station


I love to sketch some interior of one area, or one room or simply one function. This a small functional area at home that I had in mind. A work station, yes, an area that often neglected in term of home decor or styling. Actually, work station at home is a very significant place for us to gain our creativity, inspiration, and mood. For me, a work station should be:

1. Organized and in-order

So it would not be difficult to work; like finding things we need, finding un-clutter space to work,  bring some peaceful mind to work. So here’s what to do:

  • Tidy up your working station, organized your stuff and keep it in wall organizer, drawer, boxes, etc.
  • Organized your activity every day, like making a to-do list, reminders and organized it on wall boards.
  • Always leave enough empty space in your desk, do not stack all your stuff on your desk, leave some room for your creativity to take the stage.


2. Beautiful and stylish

This is the most important ingredient in mood and inspiration recipe. Great looking work station and personal favorite touch will boost your creativity; well at least I do. so, style your work station with your favorite things, colors, patterns, style. in the end, your very personal touch will shown on your at home – work station.



In my design of this mini at home-work station, I choose to finish it with blue shabby farmhouse style. It is calm and sweet with the shabby touch and have strong character from the rustic look of farmhouse style.

The drawing is using drawing pen that I finished with watercolor pencil. It is a drawing that you can add anything later to expand the design of the room. Well, maybe I will do that someday 🙂


Well, I hope you enjoy my design of this small area of organized at home – work station with shabby farmhouse style.

Please follow me for more creations, designs and ideas!


See you!

Let your creativity loose!


Posted by:mel

19 replies on “Shabby Farmhouse Style Of Organized At Home – Work Station

  1. I always love your interior drawings Mel and your little shabby farmhouse style work station looks so good on paper. I hope one day you get to wave your magic wand and that your lovely drawing turns into a reality. That blue really is calming and it all looks so fresh too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Michelle! Yup, I haven’t got a chance to do a real tangible design 😦 But it always a great pleasure to have you drop by and read your lovely thoughts. Have a wonderful day!


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