Minimalist Box – House Design for Bachelor

Hello bachelors! This post is dedicated to you all bachelors who lives by yourself and looking for cool place as a home. This design of box-house with minimalist style is suitable for active bachelor who’s yearning for a simple and functional home to live. This box – house has all a bachelor’s need in a home that packed in one minimalistic house. You can live, work, cook and entertain; all in this 40 m2 (around 430 sq ft).

This box-house has a mezzanine which serves as a bedroom. On ground floor of 20 m 2 area is consist of a bathroom, a tiny kitchen with a breakfast bar, a sitting room and a staircase/ storage room. Also has a little terrace in front of the house. Look at the floor plans.


I chose the minimalist house as it is most guys are not into too many furniture and details. Most guys would love the simple, functional and efficient home that does not need a lot of decorative elements. From the shape of the house to the layout and interior (later on my next post) are already scream for minimalism.

This house is a concrete structure and brick walls house with glass wide openings that finished with white paint. All white! it’s a modern minimalist style which is so simple with clean lines. Look at the exteriors, front and rear view.



The openings are only at the front and the back of the house, so it can fit in a narrow site of 4 m x 10 m ( around 13.2 ft x 38 ft) or if you wish to have a carport in the front, then you need a site of 4 m x 15 m (around 13.2 ft x 50 ft). Basically, you only need a 4 m wide land to build this box – house. It can be a great minimalist house in a city of mid-density.


This project is fun architectural design project for me as my passion outlet. that is why every month I usually come out with design idea of simple architecture and interior. Well, I hope you enjoy my home design for bachelors, a minimalist box-house. Next post, I will present the interior design of this box – house to describe more about this bachelor’s house of minimalist. So, stay tune and follow my blog for more!

Creatively think outside the box!

See you very soon!


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