Interior of Minimalist Box – House Design For Bachelor

On my previous post, I have shown you the floor plan and exterior view of the box – house. This minimalist home is very suitable for a bachelor with simple and practical life. With 40 m 2 (around 430 sq ft).


The space layout is multifunction as it is to save area. With a mezzanine that serves as a bedroom and completed with wardrobe storage; and the ground floor of 20 m2, this box – house is consist of a bathroom, a tiny kitchen with a breakfast bar (also as eating area laptop desk and a drinking bar), a sitting room (for entertainment and also as a tiny gathering area), and a staircase that has a storage room underneath.  At the front of the house, a little minimalist terrace is welcoming any guest. So, even though you live in such minimalist home with very limited space, you still can entertain a small group of guests. That will definitely warm up your place as it will give a homie feeling.



If you have not read my first part of this minimalist box-house, I should describe it again that this bachelor’s house is a concrete structure and brick walls house with glass wide openings that finished with all white paint. It represents a modern minimalist style which is so simple with clean lines, minimum decorative elements and very functional and practical home. Surely fit for bachelors.


I hope my box-house design for bachelor inspires you in any kind of creative thoughts and projects. Will see you on my other simple architectural project next month! Follow me!

Don’t minimize your creativity!

See you!


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4 replies on “Interior of Minimalist Box – House Design For Bachelor

  1. I heart tiny houses! This is sooo cool. In the next couple months I’m going to start working on a layout to make a house that could accomodate 3 kids havingtheir own bedrooms plus a kitchen/dining/living room, laundry, master bed, bathrooms, and an office/craft. I think I could squeeze it into 1750sq ft. and would like to see how small I could get it with still being functional.

    Thanks so much for visiting Wonderful Wednesday blog hop. 🙂

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    1. Wow, that’s a challenging plus fun project! I love designing tiny house, it’s challenging, hope yours will turn out great! Thanks for stopping by Cindy! Have a blast weekend!


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