Tree House For Entertainment – Exterior And Interior

Inspired by autumn, I have designed a tree house for adults to entertain friends and family in a small gathering. On my previous post, Entertaining Tree House Design; I have shown the floor plan, which was only one entertaining room with mini bar plus pantry and a spacious seating room. The seating room and the mini bar are facing to the glass openings with generous outside view.









This entertaining tree house can be built attached to a huge tree on a backyard to get more view from the tree house’s large openings. My tree house design is 3 m x 6 m (around 10 ft x 20 ft) with the height of 2.5 m (around 8.2 ft) floor to ceiling andΒ floating 2 meter (around 6.5 ft) above the ground. Modern clean lines with minimalist exterior and reinforced by steel structure of one column with cantilever system.


The seating area was completed with banquette seating which provides storage and flexibility to be re-arranged as desired, like maybe into a bed.Β A small space for you to relax and have a small gathering to be entertained and entertaining. You can even convert it into a painting room, craft room, a writing room, a home office or just a place to do some yoga. It’s a great place to spent time outside the house to get more privacy and tranquility without being far away from your home.


To complete the design of my tree house, I provided a floor plan, front elevation and side elevation from last post and here are the exterior perspective and two interior perspectives which showed the mini bar / pantry and seating area. As it is for entertaining purpose, I tried to put some gold ambience in the white, black and brown colors scheme.



Maybe you got inspired to get your own tree house or an entertaining room outside your home? Let me know in comments, and what would it look like if you wanna build one?


See you on November!

Be entertained and creative!


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26 replies on “Tree House For Entertainment – Exterior And Interior

  1. I want to design a tree house too 😍😍 I would probably make it go around a tree or a structure that looks like a tree but has smaller plants like green walls do 😁 btw, do you have any recommendations for books or website resources where I can learn the basics to draw interior/exterior spaces with measurements like you do? I will start drawing too 😁 you inspire me so much! 😍

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    1. Thank you Alicia! So pleased that you’ve been inspired and excited to design your own tree house; can’t wait to see the result. Hmm. actually I’m not really a book person :D, but when I was in university, I was recommended to have a book “Color Drawing : Design Drawing Skill and Techniques for Architects and Interior Designers by Michael E Doyle. It’s a great book to learn interior & exterior perspective, coloring and rendering. But if you don’t have any basic for perspective drawing, I recommend you to take a short course on how to draw a perspective. If you have already a drawing skill, it would be a lot easier to master it.

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      1. Oh thank you!! I will google that book πŸ˜€ yep, I already have the basics of perspective but a little brush up wouldn’t hurt me πŸ˜€ I hope to share my tree house this month πŸ˜€

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