Love Hut Design For Romantic Gateway.

Valentine’s day is around the corner. For new couples or romantic couples, it’s a day of a year that should be celebrated their love. Could be celebrated in romantic dinner or a romantic gateway. Wouldn’t be awesome if you have a private hut for a romantic gateway? I have designed a Love Hut for a romantic gateway, just a fun design.

This hut is pretty much like a hotel suite, so there’s no kitchen or pantry. It’s a spacious hut with an open bedroom, semi open bathroom, an open closet, lots of openings and giant mirrors on the interior.


The shape of the hut is innocently took a shape of heart. I love the curves that happens on the interior which organically follows the heart shape. Curves are more soft, more gentle and that’s the feeling I wanted to be experienced inside the love hut, be romantic!


I really expect you can play with your imagination about what’s the color you love that you think would be perfect for the love hut interior so that the romantic gateway can be achieved. Please, tell me on the comment! It’s really a fun architecture and I hope you enjoy it!



Love creativity!

See you soon!



I played at PPF and Country View Challenge – Landscape/Cityscapes

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43 replies on “Love Hut Design For Romantic Gateway

  1. Love it Mel!!!!! Seriously you have such a unique talent for designing unusual and functional spaces. This looks like the perfect spot for a weekend getaway. I can actully picture it on top of a cliff face with 360 degree views all around

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