4 Colors True Love Dog T Shirt

Sometimes I draw sketches, like doodles, especially when I’m looking for inspirations. Or sometimes an image cross my mind and I have to draw it right away, otherwise I might not be able to recall it again 🙂  So, this cute dog sketch caught my husband’s eyes and he made it into HenMel T Shirt collection. The dog T shirt with the words “True Love” was prepared more than 4 colors and it’s available on  HenMel T Shirt at TeeSpring.

Picture1This True Love dog T shirt with the words True Love is an expression of my feelings to my dogs, how they really give 100% of their love to you and will never betray you no matter what. So sweet…, well, dog is the sweetest! Don’t you agree?


The True Love Dog T Shirt is suitable for male and female with many variations of collars, it’s also available on hoodies and sweaters. Colors and sizes are yours to choose. The colors are actually more than 4 colors, you can check on the store for more colors. Had to have it? Click here.


If you want to see more of HenMel T Shirt of fun and creative designs, check out the store at TeeSpring, HenMel T Shirt.


See you!

Be True Creative!


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25 replies on “4 Colors True Love Dog T Shirt

  1. My Mom would love one of these. We’re both animal lovers but my Mom is abSooooLutely passionate about her fur babies and that little doggie looks like a Scottish Terrier, which is her favorite breed. I’ve got to see if they’ll ship to South Africa. Maybe I can get one in time for Mother’s day

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    1. Whoop, whoop, looks like they ship to South Africa so guess who’s getting one of these or Mother’s Day 😉 Thanks for sharing Mel

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    2. I love terriers!!! Mine is Yorkie, she’s my precious lol! It is scottish terrier, they have a simple cute look, so somehow if I draw a dog without thinking, I end up drawing a scottish terrier lol! I hope your mom love it, thank you so much Michelle! xoxo

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      1. She’s going to love it Mel. Anything that involves a fur baby makes her happy, but if there’s a Scottie, she’ll be over the moon.

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      2. lol! So thrilled my shirt can make your mom so happy! I haven’t even plan anything for my mom :p Thanks Michelle!


  2. Wow, that’s amazing! Many congratulations on having your drawing on these tee shirts and hoodies, it looks beautiful 😁. So sorry I’m late visiting, it was my birthday last Wednesday and I’ve been celebrating with family and friends each day since, so I have a lot of catching up to do …lol 😉. Creative wishes! J 😊 x

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