HenMel Design has launched 3 Easter Bunny Themed Printed Designs For Pillows, Tote Bags and T Shirts (adults and kids) to complete your style on coming Easter Holiday. You can wear it while enjoying holiday, carry it on shopping spree or use it to spice up your sofas and chairs on Easter day.




I sketched the Easter bunny that showed from behind to have the cute puffy bunny tail looking at you 🙂 It’s a simple design that comes in 3 different looks;

  1. Easter Bunny in black and white
  2. Easter Bunny in plain color background
  3. Easter Bunny with polka-dots background.


All designs differently presented in 3 main products;

  • Indoor pillows which come in 3 different designs above with colors and sizes selections. Great for Easter home decor.
  • Tote bags with Easter bunny black & white, and colors. Perfect for gifts, souvenirs and egg hunt bags.
  • T Shirts that available for kids, babies and adults. Also available in sweaters and hoodies. With  Easter bunny black & white, and colors; it’s wonderful for gifts and yourself.


Do you like the look? Please check out the Easter Collection on HenMel Design @Teespring. Enjoy your Easter preparations!


If you wanted to see more Easter DIYs / crafts ideas for coming Easter inspirations; you can check out my DIY Black & White Monogram Easter EggsEaster Kids Craft Tissue Roll Bunnies, How To Make Bunny Ears Headband From Tissue Roll, free worksheet Easter Themed Crossword PuzzleDIY eggshell Easter Card and Easy and Cheap DIY Easter Decoration From Plastic Surprise Eggs. For more future posts, follow me! And if you wanted to add my creations to your Pinterest board, please follow me on Pinterest! Also find me on Instagram!


See you again soon!

Easter themed creativity!






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15 replies on “3 Easter Bunny Themed Printed Designs For Pillows, Tote Bags and T Shirts

  1. Oh my, your bunny design looks fabulous! I love the tote bags, polka dot pillows with the colourful eggs and I think the pink hoodie is amazing 😁. So nice to see your designs and creativity “in lights” , so exciting! Creative hugs and wishes! J 😊 x

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