French Door on House Exterior

I always love French doors, French windows on house exterior or even interior French door. I love modern French interior too, it’s simple but sophisticated, airy, high ceiling, big openings, has traditional touch, neutral colors.Β  That’s are all the elements that I like from my point of view on modern French architecture and interior.


Now let’s find out a glance about French door history. French door was originated from France and started around 17th century where Renaissance style was dominating architecture on that era. The French door was originally adopted from a large glass opening which was a French window. At that time, the French windows were used for people to able to open and walk through the window to a patio. The glass panel window was favorable at that time as a source of abundant natural light. Afterward, the French windows became known as French door which is a big trend right now for houses in many country, not just France. French door has been used for both interior or exterior door.

This is a sketch I made when I think of French door on a house exterior. Black frame against white wooden wall. This is more to farmhouse style meets French doors. I gave a paving entryway to give more country French style.


I used watercolors to paint the French door on house exterior drawing. Here are the colors I used to finished my French door on house exterior drawing:

  • Watercolors in green, yellow, blue, white.
  • Drawing pen
  • Brush pen (especially on the paving entry way)


French door is a perfect solution to get more natural lights during the day and more view to enjoy which will bring thin boundary between outdoor and indoor. French door does complimenting regularity of a house exterior with its symmetrical and balanced proportion. That is why French style looks more traditional.

Well, I hope you enjoy my little thought of French door on house exterior that projected in a watercolor drawing.


See you again!

Be inΒ creative state of mind!


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