I was drawing an anchor for my ongoing Father’s Day project, a father’s day gift coaster; when I decided to have it in printed gifts. From the anchor, I get the idea of making a wording , “Dad Is My Anchor”. It would be best things to celebrate Father’s Day.

An anchor ia a great symbol for boys and men, and also a symmetrical beauty for decoration. As it is goes along with my nautical theme for this upcoming summer, the anchor drawing is so beautiful in a very masculine way. Therefor, it’s a best thing to be added in Father’s Day celebration.

Now let’s see what are those best things to help you celebrate Father’s Day with Anchor :

Many colors are available and sizes to choose on HenMel Design @Teespring. Shirt would never gets old as a gift.


More colors are available to choose on HenMel Design @Teespring. Some beach time on summer holiday would do great for your father.


Variation of colors are available and sizes to be found on HenMel Design @Teespring. A “Dad Is My Anchor” pillow for him to cuddle during football show on his cozy sofa would be a great gift idea.


Many more colors are available to choose on HenMel Design @Teespring. Something to brag as a daddy on the office.


Three different design colors are available to choose on HenMel Design @Teespring. A statement gift for your dad to be hung on his wall!


If you would like to see more  details  of the “Dad Is My Anchor” designs and excited to order, please visit HenMel Design @Teespring. Happy gift shopping for Father’s Day!

Coming up are my posts around Father’s Day gift ideas, hope you’ll inspired! For more future posts, please follow me! And if you wanted to add my creations to your Pinterest board, please follow me on Pinterest! Also find me on Instagram!

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See you soon!

Be creative with your Dad!


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8 replies on “Best Things To Celebrate Father’s Day – With Anchor

  1. Fabulous design! The words are expressed perfectly with the anchor image and I love all the cheery colours too 😀. I hope you had a lovely week and weekend! Creative wishes! Jo x


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