One of the best feature of Fall is the sparkle golden look of trees. The fall colors that come together makes it looks amazing. I try to imitate the fall colors look on one fall leaf. I made a sparkle maple leaf for fall decoration from gems stickers.


Last time I have painted a quote painting of Fall leaf and I still inspired to do a fall maple leaf in different way and look. Therefore, I thought of doing an easy fall leaf diy that anyone can do by using gems stickers. It’s an easy fall diy anyone can follow, no need drawing or painting skill but the result is something you can proudly display anywhere in your home.


Things To Prepare

Well, let’s see what do you need to prepare to make this easy fall diy sparkle maple leaf decoration :

  • Gems stickers ( shades of gold, brown, and silver)
  • Balsa sticks for the frame
  • Acrylic paint in white
  • Wood plank (I used the back of my Hello Fall Sign, so it became two sided fall decoration)
  • Glue


How To Make

How to make this easy fall diy from gem stickers? Let me explain the sparkle maple leaf decoration process in steps below:

  1. I painted the wood panel which mine is using the back of my Fall Hello Sign (two sided fall decoration) with white acrylic paint. Leave it dry.
  2. Cut and glue the balsa sticks which serve as the frame. Let it dry.
  3. Sketch or trace a maple leaf on the framed painted panel with a pencil.
  4. Stick the gems stickers on the leaf inner line. Combine all shapes and colors of fall to create the maple leaf into a sparkling gold.
  5. Finished!!!


Super easy and fun, right? You can even ask your daughter and grand daughter to help you with the gems stickers part; I’m sure they would love to take part. Perfect quick Fall DIY to celebrate Fall and you can place this fall decoration anywhere in your home to match your Fall Theme.


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See you!

Sparkly creative!


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