How to make a themed birthday party for your kid in tight budget? I have a few tricks and tips on that, since I always make themed birthday party for my kid in budget. And this year the theme requested was Super Mario Bros. Let’s see all my tricks and tips to prepare my Super Mario Bros birthday theme in budget.

1. Self-Decorated Super Mario Bros Themed Cake

I bought a regular chocolate cake or you can baked your own birthday cake if you’re a baker. I ordered a plain white creme chocolate cake and I bought a set of Super Mario Bros mini figures. I also prepared a Super Mario mystery box to give some height for Super Mario mini figure, so it would served as the focal point. Placed the rest of Super Mario mini figures surrounding the cake and you got yourself a Super Mario Bros themed birthday cake. This would save you more money and time. And also your kid can play with the mini figures after the birthday party.


2. DIY Super Mario Bros Topper For Cupcakes Or Snacks

I made Mushroom and Flower Power cupcake topper and printed Super Mario cupcake topper. It’s a craft project you can make with your kids whom love Mario Bros, especially The Mushroom and The Flower Power. Easy and cost you less, great to keep your themed birthday in budget. You can find out how to make Super Mario Mushroom and Flower Power cupcake topper my way here.


3. DIY Themed Backdrop That Can Be Used As A Board Game

Designed a themed birthday backdrop and have it printed. It’s easier and cheaper than having a lot of decorations. But it would be such a waste to have the birthday backdrop thrown away or ended up at the storage forever. I designed a birthday backdrop that can also be used a board game. It would be great if we can re-use the backdrop and most of all your kids can enjoy the themed backdrop even after their birthday party has finished. So, I designed the Super Mario Bros themed birthday backdrop as a street board game.Picture58

4. Super Easy DIY Mario Bros Star Bunting 

This Mario Bros Star Bunting is the easiest and fastest bunting I have ever made. I used yellow oil paper; I folded it into rectangle shapes in zig zag folding. Then I cut a star shape but didn’t cut the left and right of the star to have each star connected to each other by the time you open the origami. For final touch, draw a pair of eyes to each star with black marker.


I didn’t prepare any goodie bags since I didn’t invite any kids but only adults family to celebrate with. I only prepared a Mario Bros themed mug as souvenirs. If I prepared goodie bags, I would make simple paper bags and glued the front with the printed Super Mario topper, handmade mushroom and flower power topper (of course without the toothpicks). Easy and cheap!


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