Need to mark your books and journal or even your favorite magazine? Do you have enough bookmark at home? Since staying at home may have given you more time to read, write journal, try some recipes that need some marking. So, why don’t your try to make your own bookmark. I have this idea of making a super easy roses bookmark.

I made the diy roses bookmark very easily by using a popsicle stick and decorated with ribbon roses. I have some stocks of ribbon roses that I made myself. It’s easy and there are many of tutorials in YouTube on how to make the ribbon roses you can find; like I did when I first made it. But why bothers if you can buy those ribbon roses online or in craft stores, it would make your job easier and faster. Like the little ribbon roses with ribbon leaves I used, is a bought ribbon roses. By the way, let’s find out more on this ribbon roses bookmark I made, starting with the things to prepare.


Things To Prepare

Some simple supplies are needed to make this pretty flowery bookmark, which basically ribbon flowers. Without any further, this is the list of the things you need to have to make this Purple Roses Bookmark:

  • Big purple ribbon rose ( I made it myself, but you can purchase it in any craft store)
  • Small purple ribbon roses with leaves ( It came from my collection which I bought)
  • Purple organza ribbon (It’s a re-used ribbon I got from a gift, so you can use other type of ribbon that convenience to you)
  • Popsicle stick
  • UHU Glue


How To Make

Very easy to make, with simple and less material to do this pretty rose bookmark. The steps are so easy and super fast to make, you can finish it in less than five minutes. Anyway, these are the steps to make the super easy roses bookmark :

  1. Take the organza purple ribbon and attach it to the popsicle stick by using some glue. Leave some length as the bookmark’s tail.
  2. Glue the big purple ribbon rose on top of the other side of the popsicle stick and followed by the little roses to the bottom.
  3. Believe it or not it’s finished!


Like I said before, it’s amazingly easy. It’s a perfect ribbon craft for book lovers, make a craft that you will use it every time you’re doing your favorite thing which is reading a book. And it’s super easy bookmark to make, so even though you’re not a crafter, you will still be able to make this roses bookmark very easily. Just choose your favorite color and get your crafty hands on the handmade bookmark!


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See you!

Mark your creativity!


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