Decorating for Easter is just fun to do. From cute look to charming sophisticated style. Pick one style you like and have all Easter decorations in one theme. For those who loves simple farmhouse look, this is just an Easter wreath you would love to hang at your front door. It’s an easy Easter bunny wreath which use cardboard to make. Cheap and easy to make, and here I’m sharing the tutorial on how to make Easter Farmhouse Wreath from cardboard.

I made an interpretation shape of a bunny head. Mixed a rustic look of a cardboard with a shabby lace. All together is looking soft yet rustic. The Easter wreath is as simple as how it’s made. From the supplies to step by step tutorial, those are the things I’m going to share for the next phrases. So, stay scrolling down.

Things To Prepare

This Easter wreath is a low budget Easter decoration. Use any cardboard you have at home and you are good to go. Some other supplies are easily bought or even there in your shelves. So my Easter bunny wreath is just easy to prepare. Okay, take a note or just memorize this short list of materials you need to make a Easter farmhouse wreath :

  • Cardboard
  • Burlap
  • White lace
  • Burlap rope
  • White paint
  • Glue

How To Make

Seasonal decoration should not be too expensive, especially those that you wouldn’t want repeatedly use. Like for a wreath, just use some upcycled materials to make it, be creative and save some money. In that case, my Easter farmhouse wreath is just great Easter DIY for a low budget Easter decor. Let me describe step by step how I made this Easter bunny wreath with a farmhouse look:

1 .Cut a doughnut shape with a size around 9-10 inches diameter from a used cardboard. I made a mini Easter wreath, if you want a bigger wreath, just adjust the diameter and followed by the other elements. The doughnut thickness is around 1.5-2 inches.

2 .Cut a pair of bunny ears out of a cardboard. The height is around 8-9 inches, with below width of around 1 inch and upper width around 3 inches.

3 .Paint the doughnut cardboard as a bunny head with white paint. Make zig zag pattern with white color around the bunny head. Let it dry.

4 .Take some white lace, glue it around both cardboard bunny ears. Then glue the pair of lacey bunny ears on the painted bunny head. Let it sit for a while until the glue is firm.

5 .Make a burlap ribbon mixed with white lace and tie up the ribbon with burlap rope.

6 . Use the burlap ribbon to style the bunny ears. Glue it in the middle. Don’t forget to add some burlap rope a the back of the cardboard bunny head for hanger. And you’re done!

Simple farmhouse style for an Easter wreath made by yourself. Low budget and easy to make, that’s a great DIY to save some money but still makes your home looking pretty. Why not try make one yourself and share with me how’s your Easter farmhouse wreath look like.

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See you!

Hello Creative Easter!


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