I still stick to my gold theme for fall decorations. This time the gold fall is presented for coastal decor. Some of you may have coastal living which is bounded very close to summer beachy style. However, you may put a little twist that can change the strong coastal feeling on summer to fall ambience; and without eliminating the seaside style of your coastal home. I made a fall decoration of a gold seashell bowl. It’s a multipurpose seashell bowl you can use for holding anything you want; maybe some keys, jewelry, a planter or just simply as it is, an element of fall decor.

It is a simple diy project but the gold seashell bowl does look fantastic to match your coastal fall decor. Since the fall seashell bowl has a simple look, it does apply to the making too, very easy and quick to make. Follow my tutorial and I’m sure you can make one for yourself.

Things To Prepare

You can buy seashells on any craft shop or you may have some stash of seashells like I do. I always collect any seashells whenever I have shellfish menu at home. Just wash it and dry it; and you can keep the seashells for a long time. Anyway, let’s go straight to my list of supplies. Here is the list of supplies to make my DIY Fall Gold Seashells Holder :

  • Seashells
  • Gold spray paint
  • Plastic bowl (you can use any bowl or pot that you like)
  • Hot glue

How To Make

I’ve been wanted to make a seashells holder since forever. I like the pattern from the overlapping seashells. I actually love both natural and painted look of the seashells. But for the sake of my fall theme, I chose gold painted seashells. Anyway, it’s super easy to make, just follow my steps and you’ll make it. To be clearer, let’s just go to the tutorial on how to make my DIY Fall Gold Seashell Holder :

1 .Clean the seashells and try to separate small to bigger seashells in group. You will need this grouping to get a better proportion look.

2 Glue the seashells one by one from the top of the bowl. Use the smallest group of seashells first, then you can continue it to the bigger and bigger seashells. Glue them by using hot glue gun and arrange them in bond pattern. That way, all the bowl surface will be covered by seashells and the look will be fabulous; like a blooming flower.

3 .Spray gold paint to the seashell bowl evenly. leave it to dry. And you’re done!

This gold seashell holder is added to my fall decoration. Use it for any purpose, from multi-purpose holder, planter to a plain decoration bowl. It would also look great if you put it together with other fall decorations to style your mantel, dining table or even your kitchen table. I’ve made my gold seashell holder, so maybe now it’s your turn to try making your own seashell bowl for fall decor!

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See you!

Creative Summer Greetings!


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