Every time, near Halloween , my kid is always ask me to make a trick or treat bucket. And I always make it out of used things, an upcycled Halloween bucket as usual. I have made several trick or treat buckets before; like pumpkin shape, spider bucket, Frankenstein and a witch bucket. This time, I made it according to my kid’s request; a vampire trick or treat bucket. Sounds complicated? Not really, actually, it’s quite easy and simple to make. A little drawing involved, but I’m sure it’s just a simple drawing to do.

My vampire bucket for Halloween trick or treat does not have a super spooky look. I like to make something cute and less spooky for Halloween, like for example my pumpkin planter that I’ve made last week. Alright, let’s just get to tutorial part, I’m excited to show all my steps to make this cool and cute Vampire trick or treat bucket for Halloween.

Things To Prepare

It is a simple upcycled Halloween bucket, in fact; it’s easy to make. Well, a little drawing is needed, but it’s just a simple vampire face that you need to master. I use an old transparent plastic bucket that I have and painted it in white. You can use white paper bucket, it would be easier, but of course, just use anything that you have at home. Anyway, let’s find out what are the supplies I use to make this DIY Halloween Trick Or Treat Vampire Bucket :

  • A bucket (any bucket will do; from plastic to paper, transparent to colored)
  • Black plastic sheet
  • Black rope
  • Black paint
  • White paint
  • Red Marker
  • Black Marker
  • UHU clear glue

How To Make

I actually kind of enjoy making Halloween buckets. So, my kid’s request for trick or treat bucket every year is my fun command. How can not one enjoy it? It’s easy, cheap, you can be creative with it and the most important thing is to see your kid scream in joy with that happy excited face. So, what are you waiting for? Gather all the supplies I’ve mentioned above and follow these steps on how to make DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Vampire Bucket :

1 . Make sure your used bucket is clean as you need a clean surface to paint with. It will not stick if the bucket is dirty or greasy. Paint it in white if your bucket is not white like mine. Wait until it’s dry to proceed with the next step.

2 .Draw a face of a vampire by using a black marker. Start with the face outline, followed by the eyes, mouth and nose. Don’t forget the fangs. Then, use a red marker to color the tongue. This is a happy cute vampire expression that I made. So, it’s up to you to draw other kind of vampire look.

3. Paint the rest of the outer face area with black paint. Wait, until it’s completely dry.

4. Cut a black plastic sheet in a form of a vampire’s robe. And glue it to the back of the bucket. Let the glue dry.

5. Punch two holes to insert the black rope in both sides of the bucket. And you’re done!

You can easily prepare this vampire bucket for your kid’s last-minute Halloween trick or treat. It’s super easy and cheap, but super cute indeed! I guess this vampire bucket is one of my favorite bucket that I’ve made so far. I like the robe, because when my kid is carrying the bucket, the vampire robe would look awesome; especially when it’s blown by the wind, as if the vampire is moving it with his hand and ready to change into a bat. Lol!

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