I have two boxes of old CDs that I don’t think it’s still running. At first I just want to throw it away but then I think I should be able to make something useful out of it, upcycle it! Hence I thought I!can make some tiers from CDs, which lead me to a Mini Figure Tiered Display for my kid to showcase his Lego toys. He will be thrill to have something to show his Lego figures and I barely spent money for it, which I like best!

It’s a simple looking tiers display that you can make in such a short time and of course easy. The best part is, you can be creative with the look, especially through the colors. Paint white or wrap it with patterned papers, anything you like to style your tiers display. I like it in plain color, a silver look, as the mini figures are already colorful. In spite of everything, I share with you my steps to make this DIY Mini Figure Tiered Display from old CDs.

Things To Prepare

If you only have less than ten old CDs, you can make one of this tiered display, but if you have more CDs, then you can make more tiers or make more tiered display. Anyway, let’s see what I use to make this DIY Mini Figure Tiered Display:

  • Seven CDs
  • Two tubes ( or hollow pipe or any kind of tube shape; it can be metal, plastic or wood, it’s up to you, just find something at home to use. For example, I used old effervescent tubes)
  • Silver paper wrap
  • Clear glue
  • Silver spray paint
  • Super glue

How To Make

It’s so easy to make, so that if you have lots of old CDs, you can easily duplicate the tiered display into many of them. Now, gather all the supplies which I’ve mentioned above and follow these easy steps on how to make DIY Mini Figure Tiered Display :

1 . Take five of the old CDs and glue one by one together. Let it dry. This will used as a base to the tiers.

2. Paint the base CDs and two of the other CDs with spray paint.

3 .Get the two tubes and wrap it with silver paper. Glue it and let it dry.

4. Now, take a super glue and glue the base to a tube and followed by one CD on top of the tube and glue it to another tube and finish it with the last CD on top. Let it sit for a while until the super glue holds tight.

This DIY Mini Figure Display from CDs is super easy and quick to make. Not just it’s one of a great way to upcycle old CDs, but actually it can be a mini multi-purpose tiers-rack or display. You can use it not just as a mini figure display, yet you can use it to display your mini treats, sweets, your jewelries, even so your nail polish collection. As of this, it’s a gift to your little ones to have a cool display for their mini toys or mini figures. Anyway, you can also check out my DIYs for your little one who’s into characters.

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13 replies on “DIY Mini Figure Tiered Display

  1. That’s fabulous. My youngest son would have LOVED this when he was younger. He had SO many mini figures, they were his favourite toy. He’d act out his favourite films with the figures! He pays with them less now as he’s 22 but I think he does still have them somewhere!

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  2. This is adorable. If I can find some CDs I may make one for my son. He has now outgrown his superhero room, so we’re changing it to a gamer themed room. This is perfect for a gamer room. I don’t know what we’d put on it, but it’s cute! Thanks for sharing on Crafty Creators at LifeasaLEOWife.com!
    Niki ~ Life as a LEO Wife

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