Sometimes you find your existing furniture becomes irritating to your eyes but you don’t want to spend more money or just unable to change it because it goes with you rented house/apartment.

No need sore eyes, no need much money, no need hard work. I’m going to share my trick to solve it. Just put on something nice on to the furniture (home styling) and it will look better and suit you more.

For example, this was my old table and chairs, its bulky, dark and boring old. So i try to find something bright and more updated decoration for the table and the chairs. But first thing i had to do was to determine the bright color scheme that i prefered. Here i used white as the dominant color scheme so it would look bright and modern.


On the table, i have a white lacy tablecloth with a white picture frame and a little glass vase with vintage roses. Then for the chairs, i made two ivory sitting bases and put two grey flowers pattern pillows.


There, easy home styling! My furniture really have a new look! You don’t have to change anything to the furniture, just style it a little bit.

Well, you can have other color scheme that you favor, just choose a bright color as the main color scheme and then add some other bright color that compliment the main color scheme. You can also style more by incoporating pattern with solid color. Remember to be consistent to the color scheme you have chosen.

I hope my today’s tips on home styling can help you brighten your space and your day. Be creative! See you!



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2 replies on “DARK AND OLD INTO BRIGHT AND NEW – Home Styling

  1. Yes!! Easy & affordable styling tips Mel. I think your look would also be pretty with some yellow. Maybe some daisies in the vase or throw pillows. I love styling home decor as much as styling outfits. Thank you for the inspiration🌸


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