I always prepare a birthday with a theme requested by my kid. Yes, every year! And now, I want to share one of my kid’s birthday theme which was Lego. For me, it’s a little bit hard to find Lego theme birthday decorations in budget. in that case, I have to think frugal and DIY most of the elements on the birthday. These are some of my tricks to have a Lego birthday theme in budget but still full of fun. And most of all, a birthday that I don’t have to get super busy doing everything in one day, but all things I can prepare in days before the big day.

Decorations To Prepare

Before you start to put all the decorations together, you need to prepare a table and a table cover. I like to use rectangle shape table with the wider side facing front to showcase more of your birthday stuff. I also prefer white table cover, so that it can match any theme color I want from year to year. These are at least things that you have to prepare to decorate your kid’s Lego birthday theme.

  • Cool Lego Banner

A printed banner is the fastest choice to decorate birthday background in a cool way. Find or design your own banner according to your theme, and you can add your kid’s name, date, wishes and of course the theme logo. I chose simple classic Lego head as the main theme. Having a banner also means you don’t have to waste much time to decorate the background.

  • Printed Lego Bunting

After a banner, a bunting is a must to decorate your table from front view. More festive!

  • DIY Lego Baloons

It’s a cheap way to get a Lego theme balloons. Just use regular yellow balloons and draw a Lego head by using a black marker. Draw it after you blow the balloon. And use it to decorate the left and right of the banner. And the best part is; you can share it to each kid to bring home a Lego balloon. That means more things to bring home beside a goody bag. That is twice fun! You don’t waste your decorations or meaning; you use your souvenir as decorations.

  • Initial from Brick Blocks

Bring out a decoration as one of the attraction on the dessert table (eventhough I don’t put lots of desserts, ooops!). I made an initial from brick blocks in yellow as a decor piece.

  • Lego Storage Head

I wanted a Lego head cake but I don’t want to pay much. For that, my idea was to use a real Lego Head, which is a Lego storage head. I use it because my kid can use it (plus as one of the birthday gift) after the party. Instead of paying much for a fake Lego head (some are cakes , some even only a non-edible foam) from a birthday cake, I rather use this Lego head jar. Put the Lego head on top of a plain cake which decorated with chocolate brick blocks in colors.

  • Lego Theme Birthday Labels

Themed label is a must, why? You need it to label many things to be easier; goodie bag, the souvenirs, drinks, cups, the list go on. And it keep everything in one theme.

Goody Bags

Goody bags are the number one attraction besides the cake. Kids would wait for the last pleasure of a birthday party; including the birthday boy / girl would want a goody bag. So, always remember to make a spare for the birthday boy/girl. I love to give many things inside a goody bag and not just sweets and snacks.

  • Printed custom mug

Find one thing that you want to collect to represent each of your kid’s birthday. I choose a mug, so I always print a different theme birthday mug as one of the souvenir. Kids find it cute, the parents love a useful souvenir, am I right?

  • Snack box

The hardest thing is choosing the goodies that represent the theme. But I got way to solve that. A snack box is one of my trick to put all the snacks, sweets, everything that doesn’t have to be related to theme. Just put it all in one box and label it with Lego theme sticker to match the rest of the theme.

  • Wrapped juice drink

It would look matchy to the theme if you wrap the juice box with yellow origami paper and draw some dots to make the juice box looks like a brick block.

  • Brick blocks package

Most kids love to play brick blocks. Pack some brick blocks in a transparent plastic and label it with the Lego theme sticker. A toy souvenir is of course a heaven sent to kids. You can buy the blocks in large pack to make the souvenir to save more money.

  • A yellow transparent (one-sided) bag

I chose a front-transparent yellow bag to hold and display all the souvenirs for the goodie bag. Kids would go banana for it.

Last thing was my birthday gift for the birthday boy, I gave him a box of classic Lego! Yay! As you can see, I display it too on the table. You might wandering why are the goodie bags are not shown on most picture, that’s because I celebrated the birthday on two different places. Enough say, I guess I have delivered my ideas and tricks, let me know in the comment what’s your tricks to have a festive, easy and low budget themed birthday. It doesn’t have to be kid’s birthday, anyone with themed birthday would be great share.

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13 replies on “LEGO Birthday Theme

  1. Wow, just wow. Firstly, HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY to the birthday boy! Secondly, the effort you go to is just incredible. You’re hugely creative and thoughtful and it really shows in the details here. I love the idea of a custom design mug as a souvenir for the kids. I’m a sucker for mugs. So, so cool, Mel, you aced the Lego theme! Xx


  2. I’m searching for ideas for a party also – somehow I got drawn to this Lego one, yet I’m trying to plan one for my sister who will be turning 50 in November. You are VERY creative!

    Liked by 1 person

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