Old CDs are great upcycled material, amazingly. I’ve done a couple of projects using old CDs, CD Valentine’s card, DIY Mini Figure Tiered Display. This time I made DIY Mosaic Coasters from old CDs. I think it matches upcoming Fall decor. You can make many of these as Fall gifts or to decorate your own home for Fall. These mosaic coasters are super cheap to make, takes a little efforts and patience but is not difficult to do. Let’s find out more, shall we?

Things To Prepare

These coasters are super easy to make and easy-to-find supplies, great upcycled old CDs project. Let’s see what are the complete super short list supplies that were used to make this DIY Mosaic Coasters :

  • Old CDs
  • Gold paper
  • Glue

How To Make

This CD coasters aren’t difficult to make, but need precision. Great upcycled old CDs project to make with the whole family. Anyway, just follow these easy steps on how to make DIY Mosaic Coasters :

1 . Make sure your old CDs are cleaned. Every one coaster needs 2 old CDs. One as a base plate and the other as the mosaic.

2. Paste a gold paper on the base plate CD. Let it dry.

3. Now, take another old CD, cut them into pieces, one by one, and one by one paste it on the gold base CD. LIke completing a puzzle, and finish it. Let it dry and you are done with one mosaic coaster from an old CD.

My DIY Mosaic Coasters are just great for Fall decoration or even for fall gifts. These old CDs are given a new life as coasters. It’s also super inexpensive; just great for budgeted Fall. There are many ways you can come out with this mosaic coaster’s look, just be creative with it.

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